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 I think you mean that you only have 10 bank, not 10 presets. If this is what you meant to write, and the update was successful, you would only see the first 10 Banks. When you update only the first 10 Banks are active. Here's what the update notes say: 

"Version 2.0 doubles the available space for storing presets. There are
now 20 Banks of two Presets, totaling 40 available Preset slots. Selecting
BANKS in the UTILITY System Menu, you can enable a range of Banks by selecting
the (L)ow and (H)igh BANK. This is useful if you are playing a gig and
you know that you will only need to access a specific BANK range. TimeFactor
ships with 20 unique Factory Presets – the Presets stored in BANKs 11-20
are duplicates of BANKs 1-10. The default setting for the (H)igh BANK
is 10.

In System Mode, in addition to enabling the addiltional Banks, you can display your software version.