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Sonic Nomad

Practical use and connection of the H8000 in production use can be done in the following way;

 ADAT or AES/EBU –  I/O  This way up to EIGHT channels of audio can be run to between the H8000 and your DAW's soundcard/interface. In my case I'm running a Digidesign 003 with Pro Tools Le. There are two optical cables running between the 003 and the H8000. There is also a BNC cable from the H8000's Wordclock Out going to the Wodclock In on the 003. In Pro Tools it's set to slave to the incoming wordclock. Sessions are run a 48K as this more than addequate for me. When recording, experpermenting, doing standard production the H8000 will be used as a stereo unit with signals going to it via ADAT 1 & 2. Once an effect has been choosen and tweaked it is then printed to a new audio track. Remember many presets are summed in and stereo out so this comes in handy for "stereoising" a mono signal. When all the parts are ready and the song needs to be mixed Four stereo busses/auxelaries are setup as follows; H8000 – 1&2 – 3&4 – 5&6 – 7&8. These four busses each use an I/O insert in Pro Tools that route the signals to respecive I/O on the H8000. Then preset 3218: Virtual Rack 1 is called up and tweaked to taste.

This is great as I now have FOUR high quality processors running at the same time; 1) a harmonizer 2) a ducking delay 3) a chorus 4) a reverb.