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 Precisely that process with a few more details:

1) Power up. Aux Sw does not function as desired, so…

2) on Utility/Aux Sw page, observe tap switch is already set to AUX T+R (as well as Looper Stop) as desired, despite the non-functioningseen in step 1.

3a.) Tap Aux switch to un-assign to TAP

3b). Tap Aux switch again to re-assign to TAP

3c). Switch works as desired, even after changing patches and banks 

4) Power down

5) Power up – setting is ostensibly saved and is visible as in step 2, but the switch has no effect until un-assigned and re-assigned.

In short, if an Aux Switch is assigned to two destinations (for example, Tap and Looper Stop), after restarting the box, one of the assignments is lost. I posted about it in the other 'hot' thread on the forums:


Thank you for any and all help you can provide… if the FS1/2/3 assignments serve this purpose I'll be okay – but the behavior above is a little hinky.