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Hi Mike..

Wow, you seem to have very cool stuff so I am pretty sure you have the warmth part covered. I only suggested the Anamod because it can do something that I did some years ago with a 1 euro cassette on a cheap Sanyo hi-fi. I recorded a JP-8000 but this time I hit it really hard with the levels into the red area and everything. After I got to hear the tape the low and mid frequencies were absolutely awesome. Of course, it lacked clarity simply because due to the tape characteristics the high frequencies got squished. I thought that maybe I could retain some of the original clarity by mixing some dry signal in. In short, nothing less than parallel compression. The AnaMod can do this with the BIAS control so, ter the Manley Massive Passive, it's next on my shopping list.. 🙂

You are right about peaks on mastering – it also seems ironic that lots of people have those excellent converters and yet they try to shove all thesignal into the last 1 bit.

Too bad about the microphones….. 🙁 what can I say? It's very sad when things get stolen, it makes you think whether we need to hire security stuff to keep an eye on racks and mikes.

Regards, Yannis