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if you have a look at the available parameters in the DDL preset you're using, you'll see something called t_delay (there are two of them). these control how long the delay repeats will be in relation to the tempo you tap in from the front panel.

i actually gave you the incorrect response in my previous reply and i apologise. i said to turn t_delay to off, but then tapping in the tempo from the front panel would not have set the delay repeat time. what you need to do instead is go to Setup > Tempo > Mode and set that parameter to Prog.

if this parameter is set to global, then all algorithms with a t_rate or t_tempo will adjust their tempos to the global tempo (so your delay repeats will change to whatever the global tempo happens to be set at), but as you want to preserve your tempo setting for that particular preset, setting this parameter to Prog means that you can save the desired delay repeat tempo and it won't change if you tap in another tempo on the front panel.

hope that makes sense…i apologise if i havn't explained it very clearly…perhaps Italo might do a better job than i can!