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m@ – wrote… "What do you imagine wanting to do?"

Hi m@:

Here is, perhaps something different, that I must have in a midi foot controller:

First, before sending any data from the Gordius, I would have the h8000fw (parallel mode).
DSP A and B outputs defaulted to: -100 dB as a saved setup in the setups page.

Now from the Gordius.
I need to step on 1 button and have a sequence of midi commands take place, one after the other in some controllable manner:

First… Send two program change commands. One for DSP A and one for DSP B.
Keep in mind that DSP A and B must recieve these two, as well, all commands on two different midi channels.

2nd… Send a cc# (perhaps #7) in a stream, ie: (000 – 127) or (127 – to 000) over a certain period, variable anywhere between 25 m.sec and 500 m.sec. Those commands would be for DSP A, B outputs.

3rd… To repeat this process every time a swtch is pressed. However, at certain times,
the only difference would be to reverse the DSP outputs from full on to full off.

DSP outputs, prior to recieving a pgm ch. command, would always be at -100 dB, followed by pgm ch. command, then CC ramped-up to produce output @ 0 dB, then ramped down followed by pgm command, etc.
Thanks in advance