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Respectfully, leds go from green to yellow to red.
Generally, it is not a good idea to have inputs averaging as high as possible, that is, top of the green into the first yellow indicators.
Lets say you have 4 analog inputs running into DSP A and DSP B-in parallel.
If you also have them summed at the analog outputs, a normal routing, and even if you are running just the THRU presets on both A and B, (NO GAIN added to the DSPs) you will be already over the top at the outputs.
Real world presets in the 8000 have far too many situations where preset gain stuctures will produce outputs FAR above the level comming in.
As a clear example:
A 1 kHz sine wave enters the analog inputs at -15 dBFS on the 8000 meters.
Bring that signal accross the 4 inputs of DSP A and B, sum them to get all 4 outs from each processor and you are already clipped and thats comming in at minus 15!
Immagine an input level starting in the yellow!
Yes, I know we can adjust levels here and there. But idealy, the only place we should adjust levels would be at the pre A/D converter at inputs and the post D/A converter at outputs.
In practicle use with many, many, presets, if you come in at more than 3 of 4 lights from the bottom of the leds, many presets will produce outputs that are too hot.