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here's the whole story for you:

years ago, while Orville/7K was THE current platform, I had a long time dream… being abe to assemble a rack of FX in a single preset that would allow FX on/off switching and the inclusion of some (possibly) classic unit replica. Orville/7k power in a single preset was enough to create what are called Virtual Racks.

These wonders include 3 or 4 effects, already chained (compr/chorus/dly/verb or variations with a stereo pitch shifter instead of compressor), and they use 4 different MIDI CCs to switch each fx on and off. Fine. Was cool back then…we loved them!

When monster power hit, w/the H series (H8000/H7600) the next step was allowing things that are not possible on any other unit…at least on this humble planet. So MIDI Virtual Racks were created.

These powerhouses include 4 OR 5 full blown stereo stereo effects, including any fx you may think of for your gtr. But the real new thing is that a master TWEAK parameter allow you to choose among 10 different ones. Each one gives you the possibility to set on/off and parameters values as you like…then you move to the next tweak and reprogram the full rack in a different way….and so on until you prohram tweak #10. Now store your preset. You'll have 10 different tweaks of your 5 fx rack with on/off and parameters setting as you set them. You just need ONE single MIDI CC message w/values 1 to 10 to recall any of these tweaks within that preset.

Talking about NO MIDI latency, full storable setup. In addition to this, we also gave each single fx as a separate preset. So, using VIGFILE editor, one could assemble his/her own rack combinations. This is way beyond the first generation of Virtual Racks in the Orville/7K. There are more and newer effects and you can store just about anything in a preset. This should remove any anxiety from your soul and make your mind see the light!

More detalsfor the details hungry soul…are available in the H8000/76oo Presets Manual, available from the Eventide website. Check the very last pages of the book to reassure your spirit….one more time.