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       hi italo

      sorry for bothering i just need some imminent and serious advise:

      i found 7500 new old stock last piece and wonder now should i buy it or buy a 7600 instead.

      i remind that i want what you have described as virtual racks the most.

      I know its a matter of price but i cartainly wnt some advice because 7500 price is very tempting.

      thanks a lot john 

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       Hi John

      the MIDI Virtual Racks (with 10 torable tweaks in each preset) are ONLY available in the H series. You won't get them in the 7500. In addition to this, new modules and presets are and will only be available on the latest units (H). Given the higher dsp power and all the previous facts, one would obviously go for the 7600.




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      just a last thing , i dont know if i have understand correctly ( from what i have saw in my friends 7000) , virtual racks are presets with some fx already in an appropriate chain like a guitar rig that you can access from a single preset?

      Or they are something like a computer editing facility.  my friend;s 7000 has some presets with some very common fx used in a chain in a single preset ?

      please give me some hind and i am outa here buy the real thing, and cut some of my anxiety for what to anticipate from 7600….

      again many thanx john

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      here's the whole story for you:

      years ago, while Orville/7K was THE current platform, I had a long time dream… being abe to assemble a rack of FX in a single preset that would allow FX on/off switching and the inclusion of some (possibly) classic unit replica. Orville/7k power in a single preset was enough to create what are called Virtual Racks.

      These wonders include 3 or 4 effects, already chained (compr/chorus/dly/verb or variations with a stereo pitch shifter instead of compressor), and they use 4 different MIDI CCs to switch each fx on and off. Fine. Was cool back then…we loved them!

      When monster power hit, w/the H series (H8000/H7600) the next step was allowing things that are not possible on any other unit…at least on this humble planet. So MIDI Virtual Racks were created.

      These powerhouses include 4 OR 5 full blown stereo stereo effects, including any fx you may think of for your gtr. But the real new thing is that a master TWEAK parameter allow you to choose among 10 different ones. Each one gives you the possibility to set on/off and parameters values as you like…then you move to the next tweak and reprogram the full rack in a different way….and so on until you prohram tweak #10. Now store your preset. You'll have 10 different tweaks of your 5 fx rack with on/off and parameters setting as you set them. You just need ONE single MIDI CC message w/values 1 to 10 to recall any of these tweaks within that preset.

      Talking about NO MIDI latency, full storable setup. In addition to this, we also gave each single fx as a separate preset. So, using VIGFILE editor, one could assemble his/her own rack combinations. This is way beyond the first generation of Virtual Racks in the Orville/7K. There are more and newer effects and you can store just about anything in a preset. This should remove any anxiety from your soul and make your mind see the light!

      More detalsfor the details hungry soul…are available in the H8000/76oo Presets Manual, available from the Eventide website. Check the very last pages of the book to reassure your spirit….one more time.



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