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Very cool…see that is what we need.  Eventide…HELLO…you need a database for owners to share patches that are downloadable.  Also a settings chart to show how to achieve the classics if at all possible.  I have been turned onto a Univibe sound and now an Octavia sound only out of the good nature of your clients not your engineers or design team.  Most people do not have the patients or time to tweak all day and I know of several owners of these products that simply get frustrated and sell them.  They all say the same thing, " I know it is a great unit but…I just don't have the time or inclination to learn this stuff".  I personally see the future with these and all of the benefits…can't you guys make it easier for everybody.  I still have not gigged with mine because I am not comfortable with it replacing all my stuff….I know it can for the most part but my PHD in Eventide has not yet been issued.  Please a data bank with the classics!!!!!!