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      Will Eventide ever try to recreate the classics such as a Univibe, Phase 90, CE-1 etc.
      I am betting if it were an availble plugin or patch it would be the best selling piece of software for Eventide. I know that Eventide has said that they create the "Eventide sound" and that is cool in its own right. But people buy the snot out of junk pedals like the Line 6 DL4 since it is fairly capable of modeling a lot of the old classics….but it is Line 6 so you can rest assured it will break or suck, however, it is on every flippin pro pedal board out there it seems. There is no alternative to the DL4 so come on Eventide…let it rip!!

      I know Eventide could do a top notch job in this arena…anyone care to lobby with me.

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      It is about time for a ModFactor update, no?


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      Yeah man, if I could replace all of my swirly pedals and delay pedals with the Mod Factor and Time Factor it would be amazing.  Unfortunately as we sit now with the two Eventide stomps they can't respectively replace my Univibe, Phase 90, CE-1 MXR Flange on and on.  If I could pull up a patch that gave me those sounds with simulated controls to the real ones…..with similar ease of use….yeah man!! that would be the shizzle.

      I have drives that I love but I have to populate my board with so many swirly pedals that could easily be replaced with the Time Factor and Mod Factor…..with my suggested patches….we all know that the best selling pedals are the recreations of the originals….that's what people want……GO EVENTIDE!!! 


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      Excellent idea. I was thinking about how to get the Electro Harmonix small stone tone with the Modfactor.

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      I agree. There's no doubting that the ModFactor has many charms of its own, all eminently useable, but the ability to emulate the classics is a must if I'm going to hang on to mine. I love it though! Oh yes.. 🙂

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      here's a ringmod preset someone sent me on another forum

      similar to an octavia:

      Type – Ring

      Depth – Unused

      D Mod – 0

      Speed – Sens 85

      S Mod – 0'

      Shape – Envelope

      Mod Rate – 4

      Mod Source – Triangle

      X Knob – Tone 94

      i think a script 90 is a 4 stage phaser, probably feedback type

      i'd like to know what the ce1 is also retro sonic and some other make replicas, i'm only guessing but i think it's a liquid chorus, and the vibrato retro, if anyone has those try a/b

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      Very cool…see that is what we need.  Eventide…HELLO…you need a database for owners to share patches that are downloadable.  Also a settings chart to show how to achieve the classics if at all possible.  I have been turned onto a Univibe sound and now an Octavia sound only out of the good nature of your clients not your engineers or design team.  Most people do not have the patients or time to tweak all day and I know of several owners of these products that simply get frustrated and sell them.  They all say the same thing, " I know it is a great unit but…I just don't have the time or inclination to learn this stuff".  I personally see the future with these and all of the benefits…can't you guys make it easier for everybody.  I still have not gigged with mine because I am not comfortable with it replacing all my stuff….I know it can for the most part but my PHD in Eventide has not yet been issued.  Please a data bank with the classics!!!!!!

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      I have to amend my previouse post.  I did not see that the Octavia setting was from Shane at Eventide……Shane…awesome dude!! Will you now put those cohorts of yours in a headlock and get these tweaking out the classics…you guys will dominate the world with that stuff available!!

      Thanks again!


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      well my username is shane-eventide… cause i was trying to think of a name i wouldn't forget…

      but if eventide wants to pay me I'm all for it, how about hooking me up with a job eventide?

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      I say if you can get them to abide by our demannds!! job well deserved.  C'mon Eventide!

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