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We use a Mac with a metronome program. I don't know the model of Mac or the program. When I set the tempo on my TimeFactor to the same bpm as the Mac, it doesn't match. I'm not saying that the TimeFactor is wrong, just that they don't match up. One drummer had his own handheld metronome and tempos still didn't match. It could well be a cheesy metronome program or a problem with the Mac (or the handheld metronome). I simply tap the tempo in and things are fine. Also, when using the repeat function, you have to hit the button at the precise moment to make the repeat loop work. I've had a tough time figuring out when to hit the repeat switch. When it works, it's great. I've also found that once I have a repeat loop going, re-tapping the tempo is a delay disaster. As for precise measurements, I haven't gotten past the decimal. 😉