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 i am using the timefactor slaved via MIDI to an Elektron Machinedrum (i have also tried syncing it to a korg ER-1 drum machine and a Dave Smith Evolver and had the same tempo issues) The Machinedrum tempo is adjustable to .1 of a BPM. also i have slaved various instruments to the Machinedrum and not had any tempo issues. 

what i am expecting from the timefactor is that when i turn the feedback up to maximum (or close to maximum) the delays will remain perfectly in sync with the tempo of the master machine.  what actually happens is that the timefactor's tempo is slightly faster than the tempo if the master clock.

my trouble shooting process has been as follows:

-i set the tempo of the Machine drum to 120bpm and the Timefactor displays 120 also (i have tried various other tempos always with the same results)

-i make a sixteen step pattern on the machine drum with short impulses on the 1st ,5th, 9th and 13th steps and press play

-i set the delay speed of the Timefactor to 1/4 notes turn the feedback to max

-i send one impulse from the Machine drum to the Timefactor via aux send.

-the echos and the original impuls sound synced but as the machines play, the impulses gradually slide out of sync.  the echos of the timefactor run slightly faster. 

-if i increase the tempo of the machinedrum .1 of a BPM at a time, i can get the machines closer to being in sync, however at a certain point, usually after increasing the tempo of the master about 0.8 bpm, the  Timefacto's tempo "jumps" up about 1bpm and the machines go out of sync.

-also i have noticed that if i get the Timefactor almost in sync via the above process then stop and restart the master, the timefactor's tempo "jumps" about 1 BPM and is once again quite out of sync.

i hope this is helpfull