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GTR 4000 factory presets can be properly "get/send" using latest Vsigfile version and the H8000 loads them fine.

Factory Library Cards Presets are protected! So you can't use Vsigfile to swap them between different Eventides. You should use an original Factory Library Card and will work in all Eventides.

Now, IF you are trying to get presets from the internal memory of the GTR4000 to Vsigfile and it's not working, you need to setup your machine/computer correctly. We do not provide factory algorithms as sigfiles. They are in your machine.

Maybe you can try to reinit your GTR4000. Or reset/uninstall your MIDI interface on your computer and do a clean install of it. You could also test different MIDI cables, making sure that both MIDI IN and OUT are connected. Other than that, we can't help you w/your computer configuration.

all the best