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 Hi John

thanks for the more accurate description. It helps a lot.

Well…I have tried myself and don't get the problem you describe.

Keep in mind that there *might* be differences between the hardware we use for MIDI controlling the units.

I don't have a GCPro. My controller is a desktop PEAVEY PC1600X.

I have set the SENSE on NORMAL, rather than on REVERSED as you describe. Other than that everything matches. 

On my controller I can store a SCENE: I set one fader to send a MIDI PrChange and do it, set other 2 faders to send the 2 CCs that remote A and B bypasses and do it, then store a SCENE which now contains the 3 described MIDI commands. Then I disengage bypasses and load a different preset. Recall and send the SCENE and Eclipse loads the desired preset and sets BYPASSES on as programmed.

We would probably need your MIDI controller to chesk what's going on…..