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 Here's my thoughts on updates:

+1 on patch names

+1 on ability to re-assign the onboard pedals

 +1 on reversing the recorded loop

+1 for higher modulation frequencies

As for the tape echo, I see the Hiss and the Flutter controls as being more in the realm of Special FX as opposed to being anything usuable. Having compared it to my space echo extensively, I've noticed that a lack of low end and some saturation are very characteristic of what a tape echo is about, as well as the lack of top end and the wow. So for my money I'd definitely replace the hiss control with a high-pass filter and (perhaps more controversially) the flutter with a basic saturation control for the repeats. Another thing would be that the 110% feedback sounds way too nice and smooth but perhaps I'm being picky there.

 Something else I think would be pretty useful, especially for those on-stage-kneeling-on-the-floor-and-twist-all-the-knobs moments, would be to have an option in the system menu to set upper and maybe lower limits for the two delay time knobs. This would give them a higher resolution and make changes much easier and smoother.

 As others have said before, I am in love with this pedal and it has totally changed things for me so these aren't complaints. Thank you Eventide!