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My 'necessary' suggestion concerns the Wah. I love the Modfactor but I'm wondering if its possible to dial up a wah that isn't unusably harsh and digital? My last wah was the Boss GT-8's so my standards aren't overly boutique. Having some trad wah sounds alongside some new wah-like sounds is a great idea but I don't think its done either justice. The trad wahs need to sound like nice real wahs, and I'd prefer the new wah sounds to be more extreme sound-shaping tools, like notch filters. (Apologies if these already exist in the MF somewhere… and i'd like to hear others opinions on the wah. Am i missing something?)

And my fantasy wish is that the Ring Modulator let you move between the different frequencies related to a key. So if you set your Exp pedals lowest frequency to 440, say, you could move between the higher frequencies related to the A note. Either shifting between them, or sliding between them but able to lock in on the exact freq by getting the pedal near enough to it. Another RingMod idea is stepping on the Brake drops the freq to a specified point but retains the effect.