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before I report my personal opinion on the topic you presented, I have to ask you a couple of important things.

For the sake of a quick and useful way to use the forums to all members, it's always a good idea to post in the relevant folder, using the appropriate thread.

Your question is relative to the H8000 hardware…but has been posted in the "Vsig and Preset Development" folder, under the "Monolithic question" thread…which both have nothing to do with your question.

By using the "HARMONIZERS" folder, in a new thread, maybe named "H8000 Sound", you could make things simpler for everybody willing to search this posting in the future for further reference.


When it comes to sound, everything becomes very subjective.

The 1980s technology is different from today's. So sound has changed to.

To my ears the H8000 sounds better than all previous Eventides. But I'm not a big fan of the '80s sound. I love crystal clear!