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 You might also include the ability to switch to the bypassed state of a specific patch rather than just calling up a global bypass. It's a subtle but significant difference. (Perhaps this is what you're planning to do. If so, disregard.)

 Example: In the MIDI map, MIDI patch 98 may be mapped to patch "14:2 on" or "14:2 off" instead of just "14:2."

 One could switch to a new patch, but bypassed, so it will be ready to be manually activated at a specific point in a song. For example, I could set up a MIDI patch where my foot controller calls up an activated delay in the TF, a bypassed phaser in the MF, and a bypassed Diatonic preset in the PF. Then I would just turn on the phaser or harmonies as needed in the song. A touch of one button on my MIDI controller would change it to a different setup.