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      I have two
      questions but would explain first my setup.

      I?m using a
      Timefactor and a Modfactor. Timefactor is running in the amps effect loop the
      Modfactor in front of the amp.

      I control
      all my effects using the MusicomLab controller which also can send MIDI.

      connection goes from the MusicomLab MIDI OUT into the Timefactor?s MIDI IN and
      from Timefactor?s MIDI OUT into the Modfactor?s MIDI IN. So far so good?

      I can
      change both Eventide?s to different presets with one click on the MusicomLab
      controller. Let?s say Timefactor on 2:1 and the Modfactor on 5:2. That works.


      I don?t know how to set one or both of
      them into Bypass mode. Is there a ?hidden? or ?secrete? Bypass preset. What
      MIDI channel and or preset I have to use?


      I have a tap tempo switch connected to the Timefactor. This works pretty cool,
      but is there a way that when I tap the tempo that the Modfactor is recognizing
      the tempo as well? There is a MIDI Clock function I can enable. Would that

      Thanks for
      any kind of help.


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      Hi Michael

      thank you for your confidence in us with your T/M Factor pedals!

      you can assign a MIDI CC# message to the TapTempo switch function of both pedals. In this way you can tap the tempo on your MIDI pedalboard, using an unlatched switch (hopefully your pedalboard allows you to configure a switch sa unlatched or latched) .

      The same is true for the BYPASS function. 

      Please refer to the MIDI section of your User Manual for details on the patching process.

      All the best

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      It is true that you can bypass using CC messages, but unfortunately it's the only way to do it and it's not th e best way it could be done. CC messages are best for switching specific events, such as toggling an individual effect in and out, while program changes effect all MIDI componentsat once with the touch of one button. If you want to include bypassing the your eventide with that program change and forgo having to hit multiple buttons, you're out of luck… until they update the software to allow that somehow.

      I've suggested in other threads that a BYPASS option should be added to the MIDI Map Menu. That would solve things for us MIDI freaks.

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       I entirely agree with Mike.

      I have a similar setup and am experiencing trouble with the bypass through cc settings.  My Ground Control Pro midi foot controller sends bypass cc's to the timefactor and modfactor.  The bypass function is not bulletproof and fails at least 3 times per gig.  That's completely unacceptable.  All the other dvices in my rig eg. the sansamp preamp has never ever missed a midi program change command from the midi controller.

      this should be adressed

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      Eventide Staff

       This feature will be present in the forthcomingPitchFactor release, and may also be present in the next (undated) TF and MF releases.

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       You might also include the ability to switch to the bypassed state of a specific patch rather than just calling up a global bypass. It's a subtle but significant difference. (Perhaps this is what you're planning to do. If so, disregard.)

       Example: In the MIDI map, MIDI patch 98 may be mapped to patch "14:2 on" or "14:2 off" instead of just "14:2."

       One could switch to a new patch, but bypassed, so it will be ready to be manually activated at a specific point in a song. For example, I could set up a MIDI patch where my foot controller calls up an activated delay in the TF, a bypassed phaser in the MF, and a bypassed Diatonic preset in the PF. Then I would just turn on the phaser or harmonies as needed in the song. A touch of one button on my MIDI controller would change it to a different setup.

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      I have exactely the same issue. A lot of midi units have a 00 preset that's always bypassed ore something like that. At first I thought the looper was always in bypass (in empty state) but soon found out that was not the case, and to add to it, there's a big volume gap (and change lag) when switching to the looper.

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