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Eventide Staff

Hi Again,

My gut reaction would be to say that the PitchFactor will have Eventide style effects, but I'll try to answer the question more directly.

Quadravox will allow you to do -1 octave, +1 octave, and +2 octaves simultaneously; PitchFlex will allow you to do 2 voices of any of the above combinations and add a filter, and HarModulator will allow you to do 2 voices of the above combinations with detune.  These effects should all do chords but will sound more like pitch shifted guitar, alternatively synthonizer can be set up to do a very convincing organ sound, but it is monphonic.

So it can do many of the things the POG can do, however it's not an attempt to emulate or copy that pedal.  It's much more bringing the things we know how to do best into a stompbox and maybe even to get artistic and push the envelope a little bit.

I hope that answers your question, if you have a more specific setting you're looking for I can try to answer that for you.

PS. I think Nick's previous answer was in regard to the A440 tuning thing, we just added it to our feature request list and should be able to get it in there.