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 The H8000Fw is a very deep unit. There are important concepts that need to be gathered from the manual. This willunwrap tremendous power in your hands, believe me.

The unit has dozens of physical inputs and outputs, 8 analog, 2 S/Pdif, 8 ADAT, 4+8 AES-EBU, 16 FireWire…..a lot, right? But you can only use 8 of them, at any time. You must define what your MAIN I/Os are, but there is no need to duplicate inputs at this stage. Once you have defined that one of your inputs is ANALOG 1, you can assign THAT input to DSPs inputs in their menupages, NOT in the MAIN inputs page.

In addition to this, there is a pretty complete set of factory stored routings in the unit. You could load any of them, study its "ramifications" and do the necessary changes.

You can have a single analog input feeding all DSP A and B inputs, with the 2 DSPs in parallel…or the same analog input could feed all 8 DSP A inputs which in turn feeds DSP B inouts (series)….and hundreds of more possibilities.

all the best