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Hmmmmmm…. so today (to my surprise) I pulled the Himalayan Heights patch of the Eventide and it looks like this!! 🙂 Yeay!

This makes the signal flow way easier to deal with!! It's a lot more fun too!!
I am trying to figure out what might have changed between today and yesterday 😛

>>"Check if VsigX has a "reorder" or similar function, as Vsig has.">>

On my version of vSigX there is a reorder button but it doesn't seem to do anything….. If the factory patch (pulled from the eventide) arrives flattened, the reorder button will not fix this.

In vSig, does the reorder button unflatten the patch? If so….. that's handy!

For me I would say 90% of the factory patches pulled off the eventide with vSigX maintain all positional data.

After launching vSigX I go to "show patch view". This makes a list of all the patches in the eventide…. Clicking once on a patch in the list it loads it to the Eventide. Clicking twice on a patch loads it to the Eventide and also pulls it up on screen. (like the patch above) Is this similar to how vSig Works?

Positional data is very important to me….. Especially after working with so many circuit schematics 😛 I really like to trace the signal flow with my eyes.

I wish I was better at reading the .sigs in text format but I'm not 🙁 Maybe this will come in time? Do you read them in txt format often?

If I had to read a circuit schematic in one dimension I would go insane, lol

Thank you for your help Italo!