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In this day and age, having to install a separate operating system onto your Mac just to use a tiny editing program is *****insane*****. Especaially for such a high end product. What about the people that don't own WinXP? We've to go out and buy it? Just to use the Vsig? Half the reason I'm using a Mac is to get away from Windows! And when I've got a load of things going on in Logic 8 the last thing I want to do is have Windows taking up more of my memory.

 It's like buying a Ferrari and then having to put it on top of a Ford Escort if you want to drive on certain roads.

 I'm also using Kyma, works great on Windows and Mac. Nord G2, editor available for Windows and Mac. Etc etc.

If some guy who doesn't even work for Eventide can made one that half worked (VsigX), then surely the professionals at Eventide could program a fully working one in their sleep!