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      I wanted to use Vsig on my new Mac Pro, when I switched from PC.

      I was unsuccessful with parallels and my Keyspan USA-19h USB to serial adaptor. I tried different settings with the driver but nothing worked, it seemed USB didn't quite work as advertised with Parallels. There were no good ways to tunnel the serial data from parallels back and forth the Mac so that wasn't a good option either.

      So I did the editting with on MacBook with Bootcamp – but due to the small screen this was far from optimal and I'd rather have everything on one system.

      I stumbled upon VMware Fusion, basicly Parallels with some extra features, I gave it a try and Vsig and the Keyspan adaptor worked immediately. Finally!

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       Or, if you do want to use Parallels, you can get a little free product called SerialClient which acts as a bridge between Parallels and your USB adapter.  I've been using VSIG on and XP image machine with SerialClient for some time now.  

       VMware Fusion is an excellent option too.


      (VSIG on Mac since, what…1999?)

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      vSigX stopped working with OS X so we are desperately seeking alternatives!!
      I was looking at the parallels option, it sounded ok, although vSig is the only thing we would ever use it for. Very inconvenient if vista takes up 10-15 Gigs of space 🙁

      vSigX takes up a mere 6.6 megs!!! 🙂

      Wish eventide would get behind vSigX, especially when there are things out there like Symbolic Sound which worked well on both platforms since 1997! 🙂

      We love the eventide here…. but all of a sudden we cant even use it :l

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      I hope, as you do, that full Mac support will happen. Nevetheless you have to consider that *at the moment* installing VMware + Win XP (no need to install Vista at all) will take very few gigabytes, definitely less than what you describe. Also consider that todays hard drives are so big (1/1.5/2 TB) that it won't be a problem to have a few gigs available for this. I have a 320GB/7200 rpm hd in my MacBook and run XP, Vista and Ubuntu like a piece of cake…..

      On a desktop machine, I don't see any inconvenience or limitaton in doing this.

      There is no reason why a Mac user can't run Vsigfile. In the past it was Virtual PC…today with Intel processors, native support or the many virtualization softwares allow practically no difference at all.



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      In this day and age, having to install a separate operating system onto your Mac just to use a tiny editing program is *****insane*****. Especaially for such a high end product. What about the people that don't own WinXP? We've to go out and buy it? Just to use the Vsig? Half the reason I'm using a Mac is to get away from Windows! And when I've got a load of things going on in Logic 8 the last thing I want to do is have Windows taking up more of my memory.

       It's like buying a Ferrari and then having to put it on top of a Ford Escort if you want to drive on certain roads.

       I'm also using Kyma, works great on Windows and Mac. Nord G2, editor available for Windows and Mac. Etc etc.

      If some guy who doesn't even work for Eventide can made one that half worked (VsigX), then surely the professionals at Eventide could program a fully working one in their sleep!

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       Yes – I beleve there are several of us who are interested in having VSIG on OSX. I surely have been an advocate for many years.

      But,You have to admit that Kyma and VSIG are pretty different situations: with Kyma, you can't run  the hardware without the software whereas with VSIG, the applciation is very much an accessory to using the core funcitons of the H8000…… so it's sort of apples and oranges.

      Don't get me wrong – I want VSIG OSX (or some variation on that concept) VERY much – and I totally agree that VSIG is critical for creating your own patches on the H8000.  Perhaps someday.

      P.S. Are you using the new Kyma hardware or an 'old' Capy?  The new hardware functions using a concept I like a lot: Hardware attaches to a computer on which the editing and control software runs;  all processing is performed on the hardware.  Take note 😉

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      Yes… vsig (and the routing utility!) for osx please! +++++

      There are plenty of folks using Macs, for Logic Pro in particular. Once I switched to Mac this summer all my software crashing and problems went away – except that I have to run VSIG and routing utility on my PC. I use remote desktop to control those apps. However, recently my PC started crashing (not sure why) and VSIG/routing is the *only* reason I need it anymore. It hurts to think about making that heavily-malfunctioning PC work again just to run VSIG.

      So, I've spent the last five or more hours trying to get VSIG running using VirtualBox, with windows XP as a guest on an OS X host, and USB to serial adapter from IOgear. I've gotten to the point where they are communicating, but there is clearly data corruption (sending patches to the H8000FW comes back with unexpected errors about modules that don't exist like "HEA" which I suppose to mean "HEADM" etc.)

      I could have spent that time just fixing the PC… but it makes so much noise, too! Please release VSIG and routing utility for OSX. Thanks!!


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      reviving this very old thread.. as i'm a new owner of an H7600 and a mac user. i've got Win7 installed on my mac (for games)… so i figured it's a great way to use VSig..

      however, even after installing the Win7 midi drivers for my interface (MOTU) and assigning the proper ports in Vsig.. i still can't get Vsig to communicate with the H7600

      being a windows luddite, i have no idea where to begin looking to fix this.

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      Eventide Staff

      As ever, could be many things.

      1) Do a MIDI/Get command on Vsig. If the BUSY light on the 7600 flashes, go to step (2)

      If it does not flash, it could be one of:

      bad cabling – try reversing the cable connections – sometimes things are labeled "IN" when they mean "to IN", etc.

      bad MOTU setup.

      bad Vsig Preferences/Comms setup.

      SETUP/MIDI/MIDI is disabled on 7600.

      2) If it does flash, and you get activity on the 7600 screen go to step 3

      If no screen activity on 7600 it could be one of:

      SETUP/MIDI/System Exclusive is off.

      SETUP/MIDI/Device ID is not 1. Check MOTU for same.

      3) If you get 7600 screen activity but nothing on Vsig, it could be one of:

      bad cabling.

      bad MOTU setup.

      bad Vsig Preferences/Comms setup.

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      Eventide Staff


      and the routing utility!) for osx please!

      The Routing Utility has been available for OSX for a while. Check support pages.

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      vSig X working fine for me!

      2008 Mac Pro (octo 2.8 processor(s))

      OSX 10.6.5

      just picked up a Keyspan serial-usb adapter

      no problems!

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      With 5.5 and an Eventide H8000fw ?

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      I'm using vSigX with an H8000FW version 5.5.  Is it not working for you?

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      MBP intel with OSX 10.4.9.

      As i have already tried to explain you also in the Mail there are several Error Messages.

      The most importend and most commen are "the Header lost " Message.

      PS: nice to hear you here again in the Forum and still working on VsigX ..?

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      So just to clear up

       I got vsigx on my laptop osx10.4 working.

      can i upgrade to 5.5 H8000FW and have it work with vsig x on osx10.6.5

      I don't want to upgrade the H8000FW if it doesn't work with vsig X

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      Taylor – Is that you, Mr. Deupree?


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      So Doug: Is that you running the VSIGX.com site?  I don't see any other contact info up there (could be my handheld browser limiting my view).  I'm surely interested in a new, modern version of VSIG-X!


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      I am still on 10.4 on my Macs, so I don't know whether there are any problems with the newer operating systems.  I wanted to buy a copy of 10.5 to test with, but it seems to be cheaper to just buy 10.6 directly from Apple…

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      Yes Vance, that's me.  I've got a lot of changes planned for the site, but my father-in-law was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer this summer, so we went to visit him every weekend until he passed away Nov 28th.  A bit more than three months after the diagnosis.  Sigh…  (Just say no to chemotherapy unless it's targeted!)

      Funny, some guys on the Loopers-Delight mailing list were complaining about Fripp having five Eventides in his performance rig.  (Envy!)  A couple of us defended the Harmonizer's honor.  Just made me realize that a lot of people don't really understand the power of the H8000.  I'm really hoping to put together some tutorials using vSigX that will help people see the potential.  Then I'm hoping Eventide takes us to the next step with a new box…  H9000 anyone?  I can see the ad campaign – The tune "Daisy" plays in the background.  Pan to a computer that's running something that looks like an effects processor.  We hear a glitchy pitch shifted voice come from the computer, "I'm afraid, Dave…  I'm being replaced by a hardware effects processor, the new H9000…"

      On second thought, maybe it should be the H10k.  Heehee…

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