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 Yes – I beleve there are several of us who are interested in having VSIG on OSX. I surely have been an advocate for many years.

But,You have to admit that Kyma and VSIG are pretty different situations: with Kyma, you can't run  the hardware without the software whereas with VSIG, the applciation is very much an accessory to using the core funcitons of the H8000…… so it's sort of apples and oranges.

Don't get me wrong – I want VSIG OSX (or some variation on that concept) VERY much – and I totally agree that VSIG is critical for creating your own patches on the H8000.  Perhaps someday.

P.S. Are you using the new Kyma hardware or an 'old' Capy?  The new hardware functions using a concept I like a lot: Hardware attaches to a computer on which the editing and control software runs;  all processing is performed on the hardware.  Take note 😉