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Here's the score so far on this touchy subject…
1. Diago's are subject to noise, costly when you have to use one to each E-Tide pedal. And you have to order from someone across the pond so to speak.
2. Burkey's need to use adaptors or 3-way daisies (3 X 200ma jacks) off their unit to power one E-Tide unit (Flatliner Pro). Only one dealer in the US too.
3. Wait till our boys here @ E-T come up with a solution/product.
4. Use two 1-Spots w/ their CL6 adaptors per each E-Tide you have.
5. Wait till Voodoo Labs get their new Versa & ISO-5 out in the daylight.
Power strips need to be used with #'s 1 + 4.
Whew…this is all too exhausting.