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I totally agree with reverse reverb.

I've also got the nova reverb, and it's good but not great. and while lots of reverb will affect the level of your sound, if i put more than say 40% reverb, then my signal is looses too much volume.

i'd like something that's as good as the reverb plug-ins i use, instead of something that just sounds decent. being able to make it go from natural to very fake/effected/tinny would also be great. also, reverbs for small spaces, something like the phone booth reverb.

and to go for the gold, if you guys do a pc/mac editor for it, if you had the ability to make convolution reverbs on the computer and add them a slot on the pedal, that would be totally amazing.

Since you guys have ten effects per box, here's a list:

1. spring
2. hall
3. room (including a tiled/bathroom sound)
4. plate
5. ambient
6. reverse
7. shimmer
8. modulated
9. convolution
10. surprise me