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So like many I've been waiting for a powerful pedal sized pitch processor (p pun intented) for almost a decade now, and am really hoping this can replace some rack gear of mine. Since this thread covers some of the Pitchfactors features I'm hoping someone from Eventide (DGillespie?) can help answer some questions of mine:

 1) Will Pitchfactor allow Custom Scales as on H3000 and Digitech IPS/DHP units, where user can select the generated harmonies (of two or more voices) for all input notes across the chromatic scale?

 2) Will Pitchfactors HarPeggiator algorithm be similarly equipped, where users can select the intervals and patterns for Arpeggiator sequences, and can these be set per input note or via key? What possiblities are there in terms of rhythmic variations and tempo?

 3) Will the Synthonizer algorithm come with the choice of different oscillator waves and glide settings, or will these be preset?

 4) Will Pitchfactor process inputs as true stereo, so that it will behave as though it were two indepedent mono processors?

5) Will the manual (which I imagine will reveal most of the answers to the questions above!) be made available for viewing/downloading soon?

Thanks in advance, I am salivating over this pedal but I really need more info on its deeper editing features before can part with my other units!