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Hi, i already suggested a few things for the future updates and hope that the one or other will be included.

I got one more idea/request:

Would it be possible to make a change to the Feedback of the Delays (or just one or a few of them), so you could choose between Feedback as it is now – with decay and 0 – 110 OR a Feedback with exact number of repeats (with and without decay) from 0 – infinite (or something).

I often use the Timefactor for Rhythmic Delay Patterns and it would be absolutely amazing if i could dial in exact delay repeats – say 3 exact repeats left in dotted 8th and 1 repeat right in a half note.
For perfect use in such situations it is a must, that the repeats have the same volume. this could maybe be dialable between no decay and natural decay (as it is now).

I hope, i could explain it fairly well.

I tried this with the Multi-Tap, but the number of repeats is not changeable.

This would be amazing!

And of course, i want to bring back my request for a "negativ dymanic" delay within the ducked delay – i.e. no delay if the signal is silent, delay only when the signal is above a set value.

Thanks for an amazing unit, which i don't want to play without anymore! 🙂

Can't wait for the next update!