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Eventide Staff

 Hi Dan,

here are some answers to the specific questions you ask:

1. Unfortunately no, because of the form factor and user interface of the pedal we didn't include custom scales in the PitchFactor.  It does still exist in the Eclipse and H7600, however.

2. HarPeggiator allows you to select from a 26 different arpeggios, a number of 20 different sequences, and a 20 different effects sequences.  The combination of these 3 choices will give you over 11,000 unique variations for each voice.

3. The synthonizer has a fair amount of control over the sounds you can create with it.  It actually has an additive synthesizer which sounds similar to an organ for which you can set the attack time, the weights of all the additive components (like using the drawbars on a B3) and the wave shape which allows you to select a sine wave, triangle wave, or sawtooth wave.  It also has a subtractive synth which allows you to blend between 3 different octaves, control the attack time of the filter, and control the sweep of the filter.  You can get a fairly wide range of sounds out of it.

4. Yes, PitchFactor can be set up as a true stereo processor.

5. It should be, let me ask some of my associates and I'm sure we'll put it up if it's not already.