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 Hi jc

1. I'm always interested in lo-fi analog style delays, similar to an
old Deluxe Memory Man (with modulation available for the repeats, of

You will get more possibilities to do these, with the addition of TFactor delays and filters.

 2.  Can you create a good approximation of a Leslie/Rotating speaker using existing Eclipse algos?

The MFactor Leslie is in!

3. Pitch-shift + Tremolo would be great (reference U2's, "Lemon") 

 Working on it right now….

 4. New, improved whammy?

What do you mean by "improved"?

 5. Univibe

Stuff from MFactor is being added. To my taste, Univibe replicas need a lot of power, like on the h8000. We'll see what we can come up with….by further tweaking.