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 Hi Italo,

Thanks for the reply.

 Very good news about all of those additions to the Eclipse from TimeFactor and ModFactor! Thanks!!

 As far as the whammy goes, I wish I could be more specific, but it seems to me like the classic Digitech Whammy or Digitech IPS 33B whammy sounds just seem to have more "oomph" or presence to them, and I think they track a bit better also. Maybe I just need to experiment and tweek more? But I have heard some other people voice similar opinions.My reference points for whammy sounds are usually Satriani (Rasberry Jam Delta V, among a few others) or The Edge (Even Better Than the Real Thing, etc.).

 I agree with someone above who said more "bread and butter" type presets would be very helpful. Sometimes we guitar players can be very tradtional as well as crazy/experimental.