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Ok, I have tested the communications' settings with VSig and they are fine. I can load and send algorithms without problems. The same settings are in the Routing app, when I click on a routing preset it does change the routing but when I press the Program/Routing button in the H-8000FW, I don't see any changes, the cursor is always at Routing #10 "Analog A-B", whereas if I select the Routing from the H-8000FW the cursor stays where it should.

Now with the Cubase issue. In the Dice app the available sync sources are AES, ADAT, Word Clock and Internal. I suppose that in Internal, the H-8000FW produces it's own clock and it should ignore any other clocks from any other input, right? However, I don't see how the H-8000FW can ble slaved to Cubase when the only connection between the H-8000FW and the laptop is the Firewire. I have also tried the opposite: I have set Cubase to receive external synchronization from the ASIO device (which is the H-8000FW in this case) and no matter what the project settings are, it always changes the sample rate to what Cubase has. In any case, I don't think it's a "Projects" problem because it changes the sample rate even before I open a project.