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Nick thanks for the suggestions,

prior to sending an email to Steinberg I tried a simple thing: I started Cubase with the internal Full-duplex driver and after it loaded the driver, I set it to get external sync. Then I enabled the ASIO driver of the H-8000 FW and now I see audio activity both from external sources (analog ins 1 & 2) and from VSTs. So, it works even with this workaround…

However, with only one software synthesizer, the VST performance monitor shows occasional spikes… Also, when changing sample rates, either from the unit directly or from the Dice app, and even with no audio present, I get awful bursts of noise before the unit settles to the new sampling rate. I have emailed Eventide support – got from suggestions none of which seem to work. This needs to be fixed as soon as possible – just implement a mute or something! What is even more weird is that, despite the fact that the H-8000 FW and the Dice show 96 KHz with mode set to Internal, as soon as I load the H-8000 FW ASIO driver it changes the sampling rate in the unit to 44,1 KHz (which should not happen at all) but the Dice app still says 96 KHz!

Another question: is it possible to route the Firewire 1 (or 2) output of the H-8000 FW, internally using the routing app to the ADAT output? I have tried this by modifying the Analog A-B preset – but I couldn't find a way to do it.

Thanks a lot,