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Ahhh the dedicated wordclock. I think the weak link here is the Digi 02 Rack. It only has SPDIF and Lightpipe (no wordclock either), and the Mytek converters only have SPDIF and AES outs. So if I want to link the Digi Rack to the Mytek I have to use SPDIF. The Eclipse obviously has everything plus the kitchen sink so you'd think I could get it hooked up somehow? Maybe run the converters AES out to the Eclipse to synch?

 Compressor question –  It's a Distressor which I sometimes use to color the sound (usually on guitar) or when duplicating tracks to pump some more compression into the backing layered track. Not recommended before the Eclipse?

I was also planning on running the fx loop of my VHT amp head to the Distressor then to the Eclipse for live situations. Another no no?

Thank you kind sir.