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 I got my TimeFactor three days ago and have programmed presets for our songs. My band uses Cubase for backing tracks as well as a Boss Dr Rhythm for songs without backings. I encountered the same problems. The TimeFactor is "running out of time". It's a little faster than what the BPM number says. Still not fast enough to just turn it down one BPM. Really frustrating, because this is one of the main reasons I bought it. I'm thinking about returning it, though it sounds awesome and is so beautifully complex and tweakable. I don't want to return it, but it's not perfect for me as long as it does this thing.

Please, you guys at Eventide, this is a major issue. I really appreciate that you are actually reading and responding to what users write in here. It's been asked a billion times, but a rough hint to when the next update will be released will ultimately affect my decision. 

Thank you anyway for this great product!