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Hi Dan,

Any chance of a Negative Through Zero option? Like many, I've been trying to get he Hendrix "House Burning Down" and "Axis Bold As Love" sounds but can't seem to get the Flanger patch to do much more than my old Boss BF-2 stomp flanger even on the negative setting. If it could get the total phase cancellation via Negative Through Zero would really make the Flanger patch something to brag about. When I read in the marketing how the Flanger on this was second to none and saw the Zero Through setting, I just assumed it could do the Axis thing so I bought it but find it can't at this point. In fact, I was really surprised that for a box called the ModFactor that it can't do a reasonable Uni-vibe sound which was the other main reason I got it. I almost sent it back immediately because I was really disappointed when I discovered that it couldn't do the 2 main things I wanted it for, but what made me eventually decide to keep it was the great Rotary and Vibrato sounds which are nice to have but not as important as a Uni-vibe or having a TZF for my style. So I've been using an external Vibe clone (Fulltone Deja 2) and a Line 6 Liqua Flange that has a ZTF function which kind of defeats the whole purpose of getting the MF. I know the Uni-Vibe 4 stage phaser things is a little more complicated to implement but any chance of adding the Negative Through Zero option anytime soon?

Otherwise, I've really come to love the pristine sounds of the chorus, rotary and vibrato patches when I can use them, though I sometimes just end up using just the TimeFactor set on patch 5:2 for a decent simulated Uni-vibe clone or the TF 2:2 patch for the Leslie sounds. So it's a push-pull thing on whether to keep the MF or send it to ebay. The negative ZTF capability would definitely make it a forever keeper.