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Dan you are the man! I am very close to the Hendrix "House Burning Down" Negative Through Zero with deep cancellation just as you said going into the left mono and out the 2nd channel! I'm really excited! I don't have it 100% down just yet but I think I will soon and think the capability is in there with a little more tweaking!

Checking out other ZTF settings from teh Paradox ZTF, it works if you set to Through-Zero then set to Envelope, then set intensity to zero and xnob to zero and speed and intensity to around 11 o'clock. Then using the Expression pedal you can go to full great flange sounds to super deep cancellations at heel on expression!

The whole key to getting the Hendrix "House Burning Down" and Axis Bold As Love or Lenny Kravitz "Are You Gonna Go My Way" or Prince type sounds is you have to run a heavy distortion or overdrive first into the flanger to make the cancellations noticeable. I ran one of those new Way Huge Fat Sandwich harmonic saturator distortion pedals in and wow! I almost have House Burning Down nailed! I'll make a clip and post a little later.

Question, for mono setups, if I stay plugged into the left mono and run out of 2nd channel to utilize the negative Through Zero side, will the other patches like 1:2, 6:2 Rotary, 8:2 Vibrato sound the same as if they were run out of channel 1? They seem to sound the same or close but not sure if there were any differences at all being that the flanger is left positive-right negatve.

Thanks again Dan!!!

Check out my demo ModFactor Negative TZF (Through-Zero-Flanger) Demo

I'm posting a separate thread about this as this is an important breakthrough! 🙂