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 I'd like to add a request for an option in setup, allowing you to disable 'live' changes to expression pedal programmming.

I prefer to have my TimeFactor on a bench where I can tweak it during performance and just have the Aux footswitches and expression pedal on the floor.

If you work this way and tweak the stompbox during performance, (while your foot is on the pedal), you inevitably end up reprogramming the expression pedal on the fly, sometimes with deafening, silent or other unintended results. This really makes the expression pedal more trouble than it's worth, for me.




I've encountered this now with all three Factors. For example, you have the pedal assigned just to wet / dry mix, and want to tweak another parameter, but you just used the pedal (hence the assignment indicator is still blinking) or your foot is resting on it, and before you know it you have misassigned parameters and have to do the heal / toe zero out procedure…. I ultimately use MIDI encoded expr assigned to a CC (assigned to a knob), but for impromptu jamming or tweaking, there could be a better interface. 

Maybe holding down the left-most footswitch while rocking the exp pedal heel to toe could activate the exp assignment mode?