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Hi John,

The best way to confirm the status of the battery is to use a multimeter and measure the voltage of the battery. If you find the voltage is anything below 2.8v then it is suggested to replace the battery with the same rating of the original, which is BR2330. These may be purchased at your local electronic store or from Eventide direct. Just contact support@eventide.com to order one.

To be sure that the cause isn't tied to a preset, it would be best to initialize the unit to clear out the internal memory. This action erases all user presets saved to the internal memory, so you may want to back up any user presets you have saved to the internal memory. With the Eclipse powered off, press and hold the 8 key and then power on
It will load processing code; then the OS version; then it will say ?Clear Internal Memory?? Select Yes. It will clear memory, initialize and then will load and display preset number 100 ?Mute Series?. This is to indicate the process is complete.