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 I'd be happy if you test the device by connecting both inputs and outputs, turning the effect on and playing with signal fed only into input 1 and then only input 2 and listening what you get at the output(s).

Thanks in advance

OK, have tested all this and the results confirm my previous predictions.

In bypass mode, input 1 goes only to output 1, and input 2 goes only to output 2.

Chorus, Phaser (set to Bi Phase type), Flanger, Rotary,  and Undulator combine inputs for processing and so you hear both inputs at each output.

Phaser (set to Negetive or Positive or Feedback type), Q Wah, Mod Filter, Vibrato and Ring Mod process left and right disceetly and so you hear just input 1 at output 1 and input 2 at output 2.

Trem/Pan processes just input 1, but sends the signal to outputs 1 and 2.

Note that the Xnob Stereo Spread settings don't change the actual routing and therefore have no bearing on your scenario.

So, different effects have different routings, and what you want is possible with some of them, but I would find this sort of messy incompleteness unsatisfactory.

I don't know of course what your stage / studio / lugging requirements and limitations are, but if I had a magnetic/piezo guitar I would send the magnetic through it's own chain (including compressor, overdrive, EQ, stereo delay, modfactor) into two amps to take advantage of the gorgeous stereo that modfactor is capable of, and send the piezo through it's own chain to a dedicated acoustic amp to add acoustic timbre. If I wanted a PA send to reflect my overall sound but did not want to lug mountains of gear around I would just send a magnetic/piezo blend to my onstage amp and DI to the PA.