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 A huge annoyance for me is the different setup for the filter in the different delays.  For example, I believe digital delay goes from -100 to 0 (knob at 12:00) to +100.  But for the vintage delay, it just goes from 0 to 100.  This drives me nuts, because I'll get the filter set, but I'll try to change the delay sound, and the filter is now totally wacked out.  Like if I'm on vintage delay & have the filter on 0, but I want to switch to mod delay, well now the filter is on -100.  Maybe the value of the filter parameter could just not change when the delay type changes.

Also… would really like a better analog sound.  I don't know about anyone else, but the  vintage delay with the bit adjustment just isn't very useful to me.  I'd much rather have an analog model with something like a drive knob, so you can get a nice fat analog delay sound.

+1 for preset/bank naming

+1 for parallel/series routing

+1 for better, dirtier, modulations

+1 for progressively fitering each delay