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I'd point out that if I wanted the Eclipse to sound like an Axe-Fx unit, I'd have just bought an Axe-Fx…

Sounds like a lot of what I'd love to see is already in the works, as far as including ModFactor and TimeFactor patches in the new update (any PitchFactor stuff too?)

I feel somewhat ashamed to admit this, but the initial notion I had when purchasing my Eclipse was that it could be sort of a switch hitter- I already have the TimeFactor and a ModFactor, so if I wanted to, say, stack two of the pedal presets, I'd just dial in the equivalent Eclipse patch and effectively have two TF's or MF's in the chain….

Obviously the box is useful for other things beyond that, but being able to use it as a drop-in replacement for my stompboxes without having to strip out all the unnecessary preamp stuff or whatever, that would make my day!