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All right folks!

I can anticipate some of the news in the presets:

-all TF&MF fx are in Eclipse and some cool tweaks of them!!!

-some new "bread & butter" tools added

-some SUPER reverbs straight from the H8000…OMG!

-amazing post_processed verbs! KILLER STUFF-

-3 GTR Rigs for your Gigs! ! ! Worth the box alone.

-textures I still can't believe are there..and can't switch to the next preset as I'm playing with each

-Lemon is in!

-Classic "Tales From The Bulge" tones are in…for the discriminating player!

-Swims and Talks are in! (??? = wait!)

Carl, you'll need an Eclipse, even though you own the 2 Factors. The 3 of them together will make unreal things, believe me!

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