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I think Eventide tried to emulate the characteristic range of "eq" in different analog delays, so of course the filter knob has a another effect than in the digital delay fx. Analog delays just couldn't sound as harsh as digital ones do. But I like the idea of a "drive" control instead of the filter knob. I have an old Ibanez AD9 which sounds awesome, and I never thought about changing its "tone". But dirtier delayed sounds are always a pleasure to my ears. It would be great to have a well "eq'd" basic analog delay with the opportunity to really thicken it up with some tube emulated drive.

The TF is very complex and it covers a lot of sounds, so I don't have a problem with different sounding parameters in different delay types at all. It would be terrible if all of them sounded the same!

Still my number one priority for an update:

let us name the presets, please!!! I'm tired of checking my setlist before every song to dial in the correct number. Would be far more intuitive and kinda personal to have names instead of  those cold, sterile numbers 🙂 No, really.

Would be nice of you developers to give us a rough estimation for a possible release, too. It's been quiet for a while now.