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 Hi Robert

there are different ways you can have the 4 units wired, depending on what type of setup you use. Assuming it's a gtr rig, as that's what more likely implies the use of pedals, if distortion is created with other pedals, you may have the 3 Factors after distortion. I like PITCH > MOD > TIME, and Eclipse in the FX Loop or post-preamp anyway. If the amp is also your distortion machine, then all Eventides should be in the FX loop. I don't like distorting the fx…better effecting the distortion.

We don't really tweak these units in a big scheme, with other units. But things happen alone! Very often you have a bunch of presets running together and you just change ONE preset in any of the units and get an amazing new sound. My experience in this is to start working with 2 units only and keep one of them on a single preset, while listening to the other box presets….and repeat with all units combos. It takes time….but results are really worth.

One thing that I like a lot are textural sounds. Most of them have long duration events, owing to delays and/or reverb. When you string together 2 (or more) units running such type of presets you don't know what you're going to get…that's where some extra magic happens! Delayed shifters followed by tap delays, trem+vibrato+shift > long delays, verbs > modfilters….. there are many possibilities there.

Having an array of processors allows to have more effects that one or 2 of the units can't do at all or can't do while doing something else. That's the main reason why having 3 Factors and an Eclipse will give you more. Eclipse verbs are unique to it, while the Factors can do their own jobs…and can be changed the sequence they are connected together.

These are all spices! You need to start adding them in different quantities and taste the soup. Care with salt!!!