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 Yes, a MIDI VirtRack can have a looper but very likely you'll have to take some effect off and add the looper, at least in the factory presets.

The H7600 is a single processor unit, whereas the H8000FW is a dual processor. It can run 2 presets at the same time OR a single monster one in monolithic mode (the 2 DSPs merge together into a single one).

The H8000FW is more than 2 H7600s and the difference in price, compared to the big difference in performance, makes the 8000 way more convenient.

The reason why I'm advicing the H8000 is because you get:

-more than double power of an H7600

-4 analog I/O + dozens of digital I/Os in different formats

-infinite routing possibilities between inputs/outputs and DSPs I/Os, something that unwraps amazing musical possibilities.