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Eventide Staff

 We are sorry that you are unhappy with our products and service. Hopefully the recently released PitchFactor update will cheer you up. As previously promised, updates for TF and MF are not far away.

 We know of no MIDIclock issues with PF, and, as far as we know, none have been reported to this forum by yourself or anyone else. If there is a problem, please give us full details so that we can fix it.

 We understand that people would like more from us and sooner. In our defence, I can only say that we are a small company with limited resources.  Providing the kinds of functionality that we?ve squeezed into these boxes has
proven something of a challenge – this is why they are different from the $70 pedal. In addition, we have to continually optimize the code so that, as we add functionality, the UI
doesn?t become sluggish (for example, the next MF is noticeably zippier).