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 Another thread on the Gear Page discussing reverbs….


Originally Posted by echo unit
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Eventide Reverb pedal would be great but only if they include the
ability to add modulation to the reverb tail like on the Boss RV-5
Modulation mode.

Long Reverb without modulation sounds ringy and terrible in my opinion.

Better yet, Eventide should make an algortihm for the reverb pedal that
is modulating stereo delays with EQ controls feeding into a really
spacey and long reverb that also modulates. Having the eq controls in
the delay lines allows you to darken then and and thin them out a
little making them less obvious and more imbeded into the reverb tail.

That one algorithm I suggest above would make the pedal a huge hit!"

Modulated reverbs….. yeah baby!
Again I offered to post to make sure you guys get all the best ideas Smile
another great idea.
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